Job hunting (1)

I often make fun with friends saying that job hunting is one of the most depressing thing in the world.  The reason that I can make fun of “depressing” is because I am too depressed to be depressed. Could you imagine that one has to do the job hunting again after work for three month and at the same time broke up with boyfriend for the reason that he loves God more than me?

While.. While… definitely compared with the the abdication of Pope, the persecution of bishops back home and the false allegation of my good friend, my suffering.. can I say, is nothing? O, God, how much is it easier to say than to do? I guess, your cross is just heavy enough for me.

Job hunting is just…funny…. When I was at school, all my professors just keep telling me that you can do anything.. while after graduation, I do believe that I can do anything, but where is the place I can find a thing to do???? After sending out many applications without any feedback, I am really worried about myself.

OK.. I do not know what I can do for my life, job hunting is a process of keeping being discouraged and depressed. Although I do not think I should feel this way, at least I have food to eat and place to live…..


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