2.19.2013: job hunting (2)

It is hard not to be depressed for the job hunting process. somehow, it makes me want to join a religious order for the rest of my life and won’t worry about that again..Does It seem a good way to avoid the depressing? Oh, dear, God wont’ like it…

Job hunting is a good way for God to make me practice my patience. I was spoiled too much when I was in school. Whatever I need, I fight and then I get. Job hunting while is a totally different process. you need, you try to find, and you might be denied.. You are denied until you are admitted. You are not your own judger for your value, but somebody else.

However, I want to share a prayer which my friends invite me to pray with her here:

“Through your powerful intercession in Heaven, obtain for me the grace to place all my confidence in God. Only by walking constantly in His presence and depending upon His help, will I have the courage to stand up for His laws, even though it may mean loss of friends, criticism and complete removal of worldly comfort. Help me to look for all of my strength in Him. Amen.”

The Novena to St. Mary Grottee is to pray for purity, while I think it is also apply to other issues, We are on earth for doing His WILL, though we are always judged by others. However, HE is our only and final judgement. God, give us a pure heart, not to be distracted by the worldly worrying. We are in this world to do your will!

I feel peace in prayer though I will keep feeling distressed and keep being tempted by devil. However, God knows all of these things. I admit my weakness. So friends, if you are facing the same difficulties as me, there are actually not a lot of things we can do, except keeping fighting and keeping praying. However, let’s just save the time of depressing for praying.

We are not sure when HE will use us, in what he will use us, but we have to be ready, right?

Jesus, have mercy on us. Mary, mother of God, pray for us!

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  1. As I like to say frequently: God always surprises us with things we never know we wanted — or actually needed — and because we did not expect them, His simple gifts are so much more radiant in our lives. The purity and humility of the soul you talk about is such a huge step in our journey to a true devotion to Christ — sainthood. 🙂 St. Maria Goretti is my patron so I’m glad you’ve found her life such a good example!

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