God is the our best comfort

the snowy day often makes me headache. I began to really think about joining religious order. I really do not want to worry any secular issues. Then I begin to do research. Nobody knows actually I am very attracted to the Benedictine nun. So I began to look up their web page..


You will like it. It is just so peaceful and so beautiful. I have watched a movie about Saint Hildegard of Bingen. She was also a benedictine nun. After I read through their websites, of course, I did not immediately make the decision that I will join them. If so , I think I might just take it too easy.  

However, I find out something really important for our life: “put your life totally in hand of God. ” We cannot escape from worldly frustration unless we are chosen by God and we actively collaborate with his plan. 

How much you rely on and give yourself to God indicates how much you will be free from the worldly worry. I know I am not that great. I often think I can take care of everything and I want to take care of everything in my life myself. This is the reason that I am always worried, frustrated and depressed. 

After I seen the pictures of benedictine nuns, there is a always a other worldly peace, because they know they belong to God. God, please forgive my weakness.

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