Remedy for the temptation

Brother Juniper answered” When I feel the approach of a diabolical suggestions, I run at once and shut the door of my heart, and to secure its safety, I occupy myself in holy desires and devout meditations; so that when the suggestions comes and knocks at the dorr of my heart, I may answer from within ‘begone; from the room is already taken, and there is no space for another guest.”

( Little flower of St. Francis, Story of Brother Juniper, Chapter VII)

We are often tempted by many worldly things, for me it is the anxiety of finding a job and deciding what I need to do for my the future. The anxiety and frustration make me unable to pray, make me unable to do anything else, except keep feeling depressed. I even sometimes really could hear the “diabolical voice” about “giving up faith”. This reading reminds me first ” I have not occupy myself with the holy desires” instead I am full of the worldly desire (such as a comfortable life..a good life.. something like that)

After reading the stories of St. Francis for a while, it make even admire a prayerful life exclusive for God more and more. I know for sure (may be?) I am not designed to live in a monastic life, but I for sure! need to do the work of God, not matter what it might be…Therefore, I think I ‘d better begin to work hard to resist the temptation.

) Empty  myself….( When I feel frustrated again.. Go to pray.. When Diabolic idea disturbe me from prayer, while I guess, I should pray more??)

2) shut door for worldly temptation .  (I guess I should focus more on what I want to accomplish for my life..and go step by step)

3) Occupy myself with  holy desire and devout meditation.

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  1. You sound like you are on right track! i think this might be one of the hardest things that one can ever do. But at the same time it is is such an incredibly important first step. Good for you! God knows its something that I struggle with too. No matter how much I want to let go there is this chain holding my heart to the floor. I am literally going crazy trying to figure out how to free myself from such a chain. I guess we’ve both taken the first step of wanting to be free from such desires. However, these hopes and dreams aren’t intrinsically bad. We have them for a reason and its part of God calling us — given we desire things that are consistent wih his will. I mean… we usually don’t decide on our vocations because of convenience. We like and desire a certain way of life because God has instilled that in us and the graces to succeed in that way. Whenever I feel overly anxious about wanting something this is what I do. For 9 days, I make a set time when I pray a novena and ONLY for those 20 min Every day, i pray with all my heart and soul for an answer. For the rest of the 23 hours and 40 min I forget about it and try to completely place my life in His hands. Whenever I start to feel anxious, I pray a Hail Mary and focus on that very moment and how I can glorify God more in my current abilities. I don’t know if that’s good advice for what you are going theough exactly, but it’s helped me make progress. I’ll be praying for you!

  2. That’s really beautiful, Nikki! I will try your idea about the novena and thinking about the petition ONLY during the time of prayer. You have both shared a need for detachment from self that I too, share. Many people tell me that the answers I desire to know from God will come when — and only when — I’ve detached myself from the worries and anxieties they instill in my heart. Well, I’ve tried to “let go and let God” and realize that my level of giving is always imperfect. But somehow in all of this, I can’t help but wonder if God is not looking for that total abandonment moment (if it’ll ever come, LOL) but is happy and touched by the repeated attempts when we try to give again and more fully. Our Lord has shown me more times than I deserve the reasons WHY He remains silent or leads me in directions I would rather not go – and I’m sure it’s the same for you guys, too! And they always make perfect sense in the end. Let’s keep praying and trying!!! St. Claude says that we will receive only in the measure to which we have asked. Well, let’s keep asking! 🙂

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