some stories related the immigration reform.

America is a country full of surprises which sometimes really does not make sense for me. I felt really depressed for couple weeks because of job hunting.  I went to Washington D.C. on Monday and Tuesday to participate in a “We Belong Together” women and immigration lobby day. I felt that ” I am not alone”.  Current American immigration system hurts too many hard working people here.

I thought it was normalfor social work student to work for free on OPT status. I never thought about that OPT and H1B could be a way to exploit workers. However, it did happen even with a lot of students with science degree. An engineering professor gave testimonies about her students who worked overtime and under-wage on their OPT and H1B without a promises from employers to access citizenship. they are scared to speak out because of worrying about losing status.

OPT and H1B are tied to employers and within this power struggles, we are in the vulnerable situation, especially for women. You might not know only 1/3 of H1B visa goes to women.

Dear my talent international friends, please remember, first, it is nothing wrong about pursuing dreams here and second, you are too talented to work for free. It is not legal nor ethical to make a person to always volunteer, especially when volunteering does not lead to a job. If you do not speak out for yourself, nobody will.

Compared with the high skill work, low skill workers who are on H2B suffers more from exploitation and retaliation. Undocumented workers suffer the most.  A lot of people might ask, why they come to America at the first place? America is not for everybody. I will ask you, is that wrong to purse a better life?

After that, it is not  a difficult question for me to deal with any more. Wherever there is a good job and I will go for it. I do not have family here, though I do have friends here. I am in certain sense free to move to anywhere. I do not have to work here.

But for those who are already deeply exploited here, who can grant them justice? Do they have to wait for the next life, for the coming of Jesus Christ?

A Filipino lady who has not seen her son for 20 years…She has worked here for all her life as a domestic worker. She served so many people for so low wages. She has filed the petition for her son, but the waiting list for Filipino people are at least 14 years.

A young lady dies of domestic violences… She expected a wonderful marriage but it did not work out. she called police but police blamed her and threat her about deportation.  She died in her marriage.

Undocumented worker works like a slaves in America. There are thousands of the undocumented workers here in America in the darkness. There is no way for them to ask for a fair wage and basic protection.  You might not know that you have

America is a dream land, but sometimes, it is a nightmare for too hard working people….

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