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I have been in Chicago about three times before, but I never really took a tour around city until this time. I came to Chicago for an interview with “Teach for China” which is an international fellowship programs dedicate to improve the education of western rural China where the majority of children are not even able to finish the middle school.

I wrote a paper on this topic about a year ago when I was with our China institution. Compared with the government support program, it is a volunteer based program. I am not sure whether it might work out in China.

Since it seemed that it is almost impossible for me to find a job soon here, so I decide that I should try something else. Go to some places which I might never go. Do something that I might never be able to do.. Teach for China seems to be the one.

Interview went really well. For so long time, i had not got a chance to discuss something deep in my heart. Discuss something so big and so important. I just felt really excited. I felt that I could be useful in that field. Although I know if I go there, I will face tons of challenges that  I would never encounter in my life. However, there somehow is a voice in my heart, telling me that you should go.

We have three rounds interview: sample class, video discussing and individual interviews.

Sample Class: I have to thank to all the friends who help to prepare the class, but my class did not last for 5 min, though during the rehearsal, it was always over time.

Video Discussion: I felt like that my group interviewers are often more “detail oriented” than me. they paid a lot of attention to the details that I did not pay attention to. but it was the great thing about collaboration and international programs. You are not on your own. Through partnership, we can all bring our strength to the table and solve the problem together!

Personal interview: the few interviews I had during these months that I really know what I am talking about. I feel confident that I can accomplish this task, I will be useful…

During that interview, I had a kind of feeling that one day, I might go from the rural China to rural African. One day, I might travel to other parts of the world. I feel hope!

I felt so grateful that other interviewees allow me to do the individual interview first since the majority of them are from Chicago, so they want me to have enough time to take trip around Chicago.

My individual interview was on 12 p.m. to 12:45.. I just realized that Chicago symphony orchestra had a performance on 1:30 p.m… Thanks be to God. It was just the time. I ran into their symphony  hall and got a student ticket for 15 dollar!!! WAOOO!!! and the seat was on first floor!!!!!

I thought I would miss the Station to the Cross for the Friday before Palm Sunday. You know what? I did it in the St. Therese Parish in Chinatown and met a young priest from China again! ( See the article about the Church trip in Chicago)

I thought I would miss the Latin Mass since the Shrine of Institute of Christ King located in a not too safe neighborhood, and I did not want to go alone, but you know what? I went to St. John Cantius. Not only they had amazing solemn Latin Mass and beautiful chant and they have a super beautiful parish! ( See the article about the Church trip in Chicago)

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  1. It sounds like you had an amazing time and the fact that everything worked out so well is great! Is this finally what you’ve been waiting and praying for? 🙂

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