Church Trip in Chicago

For very long time, I like traveling alone, because not a lot of people have the same interests as me. I am definitely not a big shopping fan and t a big fan for photo taking. I just like spending time walking around and I won’t miss the beautiful Catholic Church!

The Cathedral of Chicago is called Holy Name Cathedral is located in the downtown Chicago, very close to the famous stuff pizza place Giordano….

Nobody warns me that deep pan pizza is stuffed with cheese which is a big “challenge” for me. After stuffed with cheese, my stomach felt really weird.

Btw. Finding out the Cathedral of Chicago was not part of my plan. I just wanted to find stuff pizza, but the Holy Name of Cathedral is just sooooo close.

I do not believe that the Holy Name Cathedral is a very traditional designed. The internal design is very unique. See the pictures, before I did any deep research on it, I will just refer you to their website, and you should definitely check out yourself. It is really beautiful! Due to the funny effect of stuff pizza, I did not stay there long…( No deep pan/ stuff pizza before church!!)


( No Stuff Pizza before The Church!!!!)


( Simple but very unique internal design!)


(Roof! )


( The alter for sacrement, modern but seems nice..)


( my favorite part: organ.. such a nice and traditional design!!!)

The second church I went was also out of my plan. I was hanging out with one of our interviewees from Malaysia together since he also had to spend a night in Chicago before he left for Michigan. He was a really funny guy. I will describe him a little bit more in another post.

We hanged out to the China town. After dinner, we walked past by St. Therese Parish in China town which did not open last time I went there, but to my surprise, it  opens!! It is a really beautiful parish too with very unique Chinese traditional design alter. The parishioners there warmly invited us for dinner since they had STATION TO THE CROSS after dinner!!! WAOOO. So I am sorry my Malaysia friend, I persuaded him to stay in the church with me. HAHAHA..

To my surprise again, a priest from Shaanxi led the station to the cross. He looks very similar as our great Fr. Jiang… (I do not mean appearance, but just look very same. modest, meek and kind. It seems that all the great priests share the similar qualities.. hahah..)

We chatted for a while, he told me that he went back to China last year and especially to Shanghai. This gave me a chance to know more news back home. The situation is definitely very intense. We have to pray, pray hard for our priests and church in China!


( See the beautiful Chinese traditional designed altar!)

St. John Cantius was introduced by Michael. He told me that this group of priests also often Latin Mass and their headquarter is in Chicago too and after google mapping it. I found they locate in a much safer area than our Shrine of Christ the King and they have a lot of great activities such as Latin and Greek classes!

Here is their website:

you will love them.

I had really terrible Friday night. Although I lived in a so called four stars hotel…the sound proof was really terrible and the room next to me, a gril invited 20 people to have party, could you imagine that? I called security 4 times during the night from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. They called 911…Finally I changed the room at 4 a.m. this morning!!! Hotel gave me a free breakfast as “made up”…er… Some American young people are just irresponsible…. that’s all I want to say.

I though I would miss the mass, but luckily I was just late.. OMG.. I forgot to go to…

Their Latin Mass compared with Institution of Christ King was very simple externally, which does not reduce the beauty of Latin Mass . There are not “amazing”vestments, and a lot of alter boys.. ( Choir is also very simple, Gregorian chant, gentleman choir, maybe it is because I went on Saturday not Sunday. parishioners there seems to be more diverse…This is my guess)

I did not take a lot of pictures, because they have more beautiful pictures online.. They have a really really really really beautiful church!! Go to check their website out..

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