Chicago Symphony Orchestra

I have heard about Chicago Symphony Orchestra for very long time due to the famous conductor:Muti. He visited Shanghai when I was in college. I still remember how funny we were at that time. In order to see their rehearsal, my music teacher in high led us sneaked into the back door of Shanghai symphony orchestral hall. We were so close to the double bass. The player laughed at us. A lot of my lady friends wanted to take photos with Muti. He was really charming at that time. hahaha

I felt so lucky enough to catch the chance to go there when I visited in Chicago. Symphony Orchestra represents the spirit of a city. It was a little bit pity that Muti was sick for a while so I did not get  chance to see him again. The conductor this time was Tugan Sokhiev. He looks young and very energetic and humorous.

Below are the program of that day.

  • Borodin In the Steppes of Central Asia
  • Khachaturian Flute Concerto
  • Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4

It was definitely my first time to hear Khachaturian played by flute. It was so intense. The player did a really good job. For the Khachaturian violin version, the Spiccato was really important part for this work. The strength created by the good skills of spiccato often strikes my heart. Flute definitely cannot create spiccato no matter how hard one blow. However, flute itself is still a beautiful instrument and has its unique characteristic. In the second the movement, during the slow movement, the beautiful of flute is fully demonstrated. Although I cannot say that I like the flute version of Khachaturian, the skills and the performance of player were still great!

The Tchaikovsky N0.4 is definitely one of my favorites, especially the 3rd movement is completely a string-Plucked. The conductor has really unique arrange for that movement, very delicate. The 4th movement which I often understand as a victory was really impressive. General speaking, historically European orchestra is good at the string music while the American orchestra is strong at the wind instruments. The theme of victory was just so amazing, of which the power I could never hear feel. I said to my friend, once is for all of your life.

Chicago symphony orchestra reminds me of a lot of dreams I used to have related to music and the world. It just mades me want to travel the world for different classical orchestra. It is just who I am, It is hard for me to be restrained to one place, at least when I am young.

It is hard to believe that I am already 25, I still have dream, want to explore the world. I do not know at all, when I will be stable and rooted. Maybe it is just impossible for me. I do not know, but if I just have one life, and God has a plan for me, I guess, I just have to do it even with the great understanding of the loneliness and other suffering I may encounter for my life.

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