Good Friday.

Good Friday has its reason. Inside church, it was really dark today, though it was sunny outside. I have stomach-ache during the whole liturgy while compare with the passion of Jesus, it is nothing. The whole good Friday Mass was both physically and emotionally intense. 3/4 of time we knelled there and the replay of whole process of Jesus dying on the cross and laid in the tomb was beyond language. It was not just sad. It was a feeling of empty. Without Christ, who are we?

The first two part of liturgy began with the good Friday liturgy gospel Scripture reading followed by the gospel of St.John about the passion and concluded in a long series of prayer. The passion of our lord is always my favorite. Different characters were so vivid. They were not just historical character. They are among us and within us. It is our sins that nailed Jesus on the cross and Jesus redeemed the world by his holy cross. We had to share his cross in this world in order to share his glory in the heaven. However, how many times in our lives, we are like those group of jews who prefer the glory and pleasure of this world. How many times we are like Peter, denying the God? However, God’s infinite mercy will forgive our sins as long as we confess our sins and go back to God.

The sins are the extra weight we add to our lives. If they are not absolved, it would be harder and harder for us to walk close to God. During the past lent, I truly thank God for teaching me this class.

The third part of the liturgy is the adoration of the cross which is also my favorites. When I saw priests and altar servers take off their shoes, walk to the altar slowly, kneel down, bent down and kiss the cross, I feel that I am so small and only the one on the cross was the only reason for my existence.

The whole process of adoration of the cross was companied by super beautiful chanting of prayers. It is not about tears. It is about God’s grace to us and how much he has done to us and how much more he is still doing for us.

Good Friday is not considered a mass, but a liturgy, since the consecration is missed. We had Eucharist  which was consecrated yesterday. Deacon brought the Eucharist from the altar of repose. After communion, they preserve it in the side altar which now is the tomb of Christ. The eucharist is covered by the white cloth.

The end of long mass which lasted three and half hour, was big noise which represent the earthquake and the altar were really torn down. Lord is lying down his life for us.

(picture is still from the, do not forget to see his article… I just curiose how he can have such beautiful pictures, but i never really saw him taking pictures in the

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