Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday

This was my first time I went to the Traditional Latin Mass for the Easter Vigil which was extremely peaceful and joyful. Since the majority of the families of St. Francis de Sales live really far away, many of them were not able to catch for the Easter Vigile, we only have about 100 people Easter Vigil night. This enabled every one of us to see the every detail of the Mass without worrying of being blocked or block others.

Easter Vigil began with the blessed the new fire outside church. We stood outside. It rained a little bit and wind blew. However, when canon began to bless the fire and candle. Wind and rain stopped. We followed canon into the church. For the safety issue, they turned on some lights, but not all.

Exsultet is one of my favorite hymn. it describe a long expectation and an endless joy. The Latin chanting is different from English , and Chinese. It is more complicated in melody and rhyme,so more rich in the expression. I often say that Gregorian chant is “poem” is real “prayer”: Words are beyond music and music is for the prayer.

Then we have four lessons. Since there are sooo many chanting that day, the lessons were done by lay people. One was done by our choir director, one was done by my good friends. ( it was really surprise that he has such a clear and nice voice) and other two were done by candidate.

After that, it was my favorite part of blessing baptismal water. this part made me really feel sad about the new rite. There are so many things have been missed in the new Mass. In the TLM, not there are very prayers reminding us of the important meaning of baptism which bring us to the Christ, Priest also has to do a lot of important things such as draw crosses in the water and breath into the water in the shape of the Greek letter (psi), and prayer for the descend of holy spirit.

After that, the Mass began.. When the Gloria was sang with the bell rang, the clothes were removed from all the statues in the church, the tears of joy flow down.  I saw the statues of Mary again, she standing there and smiling at me.

Christ is risen, and indeed He is risen.

During Easter Sunday mass , SFdS choir sang the G major Mozart Mass. Somebody says that it was not really written by Mozart. The style was too baroque, super happy definitely match the joy of Easter Sunday.

Every time I step into SFdS, I just do not want to leave. How much I wish I could stay in STL forever. When mass is over, we have to use our life to continuos loving and serving God through our life.

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  1. Ah! My heart just breaks that I was not able to attend the Vigil! The entire Mass is indeed beautiful beyond words, with all the little traditions and the amazing celebration during the Gloria! I know what you mean when you say “Every time I step into SFdS, I just do not want to leave”. Now that I might be leaving as well, I just want to take everything in so that I can remember it when I’m gone. It’s certainly true that sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have until we realize it might be taken away. It’s a good reminder to apply to other aspects of our lives too.

  2. But let’s just say that we will come back sooner or later, because SFdS brings us to Heaven. No matter how hard life will be in the future, we should remember that beautiful liturgy is not just beautiful itself, but reminds us again and again we will meet Jesus Christ in Heaven. Heaven is full of joy and peace.

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