A real feminist

I have known her for pretty long time. She has all the good characteristics one could have as a good Catholic, a good wife and a good mom. She has a very traditional happy family. For very long time, I thought that she must have always been educated in a Catholic way, very pure and innocent. The reason she could keep living in such a pure Catholic way is because that she has always been well protected, without knowing the dangers of this world. Today, her daughter shared a story with me about her. This made me feel that I am really shallow in understanding our God.

Actually, she was a modern woman as what we thought today. When she did not know God,  she lived in a life as some of the young ladies today, really want to pursue something called free love. As part of the consequence, she got pregnant.  And like a lot of girls who facing the same problems, she was really scared. The man left her and she was totally on her own with her unborn baby. I guess the majority of us could imagine how hard it would be for a young lady in that kind of situation, so in such situation, we would say that we want to respect all the choices a woman make.

The life within her could not get any support except her. She was and is such a really strong woman, so she tried her best to give the baby a chance to live.  She worked three jobs a day in order to preserve the life within her. She finally had a really healthy young girl. Since she could not raise the girl herself at that time, she gave the baby for adoption. She now has a great family with great husband and great children. She never forgot the girl. By constant prayer, her daughter recently found her. Her daughter now is a great mother with a lovely boy who will get baptism soon.

You might think this is a story from pro-life propaganda. You might think it is a fairy tail story about good people have good endings. However, this lady makes me understand one thing that preserving the innocent lives within us is the task God entrust to women, Sometimes, we are the only ones who can make a choice to give baby a chance to live and this is the reason why we are women, we are mother. I have to say that this lady is a real feminist, because she understands the most about women.

God, I have to admit how shallow I was with your Grace. I forgot that you have extra graces for the converts of Soul. You are always there as long as we choose You. God, you know that we are weak, we always make mistakes, and sometimes even trying to justify our mistakes. However, mistakes are always mistakes; nothing will make it right unless we correct it.

Just like what my spiritual director said, although both of them have made mistakes, the difference between Peter and Judas is that Peter finally chose God.

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