Days with Sisters of Benedictine of Mary (Day one)

The trip to the Benedictine of Mary was a really long and fun drive: Interstate to the Highway, highway to the country road, country road to rock road… and I drove the speed of the state road on the rock road… my car almost slipt, but by the Grace of God, I safely arrived there, right before vesper.

Right before vesper was the time of Lectio, which means individual study. There were no sisters around, only two big dogs in front of their house and barking at me. They are definitely really good door bells. After they barked from three mins a young sisters came out and welcomed me and led me to the Mother Cecilia.

Mother Cecilia looks really young. She has very sweet smile. She asked me about the goals of my visit, just for staying or for discerning.I said, for both.. hahaha, She said, it will be OK that we just immerse you  in our life? I said, OK…. Actually I did want to see what is a sister’s life looks like..So I guess I will just try to participate in as much of their life as I can.

After I settled down, I went to the chapel and vesper began. As part of Benedictine tradition, they sang all the Psalm and Hymn which are all in Latin. I did not really want to know the content of that, though sisters kindly enough help me with the prayer books. I just enjoyed sitting there and listening to their singing. Their voice was like the little clear stream, slowly and gentle, washed away all the dirts in the hearts.

After vesper is the time for super, a very simple and easy meal, and one is not allowed to talk during the meal. Mother led the prayers and after prayers, all the sisters stood in line and went to pick food. They allowed me to go first. The super was really simple, salad +bread + a very small piece of meat.

After dinner, Sister Scholastica who is the sister take charge in discerning and novice. She assigned the working task for me: helping the kitchen.. That is not that difficult.. hahaha, just washing the dish and making… What? French toast.. OK, I promised, I will not burn it… you will have breakfast tomorrow, no worries..hahaha

before work, we needed to pray, Ave Maria+ a pray about all mine is yours, and I am yours.. something like that, I did not remember the whole content.. but normally, i just prayed, lord, please help me not to break the dishes or burned the breakfast..hahaha! luckily, Lord answered my prayer.

Before the Campline, Sr. S came to me again to make sure that I have all I need to go over the night and told me that I did not need to worry about get up around 4:45 for Matins.. I can get up whenever I like. I told her that I think I can. She laughed . hahaha..

After Campline, it is the time for great silence. Sisters will not talk until the next day Recreation time… Really?… OK, I hope that Lord will help me to get up at 4:45 at least just for a day.

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