Days with Sisters, Day Four: Love God and His people

Sunday: Love God above all and Love each other in Christ

I did not mentioned in the previous post, the reason why I could get up at 4:40 partially was because that whole house where sisters live are very closely connected to each other. You could hear everything from the sisters live on the second floor and I am a lighter sleeper, so if they get up, I will be woken up too. This is a real community life. hahahah.

However, Sunday, they have to get another 20 minute earlier than usual schedule. Since I got “benedictine cold” yesterday..( which I will explain later why I call it benedictine cold..hahaha..), my will was weaken. Although I heard sister get up, I chose to sleep another 20 minute more.

When I arrived in the Chapel, they just finished the Matins which is the longest, lowest.. coldest one…I like all the rest of the divine office except Matins.. I need to figure out why.

Sunday, Sisters have a chanted Mass… their voice are sooooo beautiful. The priest who offered mass wore a really beautiful vestment with the color of blue sewing pattern around the collar area. You can see that set of vestments in the following video about their sisters’ first profession and also enjoy their chanting: pure and peaceful..


A lot of people these days discuss about the Altar servers issues. In the Chanted Mass, there was no Altar server at all. Priest did all the thing himself. Sisters did not go on altar at all to help… I just felt  so moved by all their adherence to tradition.

Sunday was a really gorgeous, Sunshine outside, warm inside….No study and no work, except the work for God, which is prayer and work necessary for living: kitchen work. I helped in the kitchen.

Sunday, Sisters have extra 1 hour recreation and a little bit more free time. However the whole house was still very quiet, no unnecessary chatting.

During the recreation time, Mother led all the sisters to take a walk outside. This reminds me of the sense I saw in the To the Greatest Silence. At that time, I thought the life of monk was really tedious. But now, I think it is the way life should be. Why do you spend soo much unnecessary time  to offense God and offense his people? How much time I spent in our life discussing people and something unnecessary? If we can save these times, how much more prayers and works we can do for God?

Sr. W was a sister who does not have good health now but the whole community takes care of her. During the recreation time, a sister drove the trailer and took her.. hahaha..

walking on the field, chatting with sisters about prayer and life… The wind gently blowed their black or white veil…like. God touch his most love daughters……I cannot describe how beautiful it is… There are so many beautiful clothes in the world, but I have to say that the habits of sisters and cassocks of priests are the ones which are most beautiful in my heart. They are both so simple, but both so well designed. They cover all the parts of your body, but expose ones’ images as the children of God, and spouses of Christ.

After taking walk, Mother brought us together in a circle sitting outside the house. Sisters read some really funny poem. Mother said there was a American girl whose parents are from Honkong visited them before and taught them some tongue twists and Sr. S is the one master it best. They wanted me to see whether it is real Chinese…..after Sr. S said it, I immediately confused. and all of them laughed. It was not Mandarin, but Cantonese…hahaha

Sisters asks about How are the canons doing at SFdS, ask especially about Canon Wiener. Yeah. we have not heard from him for a long time. I hope he is really doing well…

After recreation, time for prayer again.. and Benedictine…

During the benedictine, The priest wore another very beautiful vestment and after he took off the vestment, the alb he wore was also super gorgeous: an alb made by pure lace cloth with a white ribbon in the collar part. You might think that I paid attention to the unnecessary sartorial part.. But I have to say that these gorgeous vestments fully demonstrate the glory of our Lord and the love of sisters to the Lord. When priest is on the Altar, he personalize the Christ. Which girl does not want to make  the best garment for her bridegroom?

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  1. The way you describe the sisters and life there is absolutely amazing! Such great insight into what they are really doing there. Makes me wish I was called to religious life!

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