Days with Sisters, Day Three, Mary picks the best part

Day Three: Mary picks the best part

Heading to Day three which is the April 27 the Saturday…

Saturday,, hahaha, I finally got chance to go to their sowing room which is the core work sisters do there. Everything was the same as Friday, except.. I caught cold during the Matins and fell asleep during the Lectio….I am sorry…

Sowing room is in the basement. Sisters sow the vestments for the priests. I have never done any sowing work before, so sisters just gave me something really easy: taking the stitches out of Alb. It seems to be easy, but needs time and patience. The interesting thing I experienced in Benedictine of Mary is “patience”. I never felt in my life that I do not have to be worried at all.

In the real life, I always worry that I cannot finish this thing or that thing today, then tomorrow I will have some more to do. while Sisters taught me that work is endless as long as we live, but work is for this world, prayer is forever. So be patient and focus on the work, but work is really just the part of life.

The majority of people know story of Mary and Martha, Mary picked the best part. companying the Jesus. The part of Martha is

just slowly, enjoy, and do it for God..

OK.. I took out the stitches, iron a white cloth which priests use during the ordination ( hahaha, I did not scorch it.. thanks be to God..)..

Since I could not involved in very complicated work, I have a little bit free time. Sisters showed me around sowing room and showed pictures of different priests who to try the vestment.. I saw the pictures of my spiritual director and he really has very good taste in the style of vestments….hahahahahaha… sisters have also made a stole for Cardinal Burke, and many other very gorgeous vestments.

Saturday, four sisters from Christ the king came to visit. Therefore during the recreation time, we got a chance to enjoy desert which was saved from dinner…hahaha.. Sisters of Christ the King is an active sister group. They teach Catechism in the school. They wear blue Habits!

I sat besides one of their sisters and asked about the religious vocation. Sister very openly talked with me about how she converted from cafeteria catholic to a religious sister. I cannot remember the precise sentences, but her talk made me think a lot about my life.

she said, look at you, I see myself many years ago. I understand your struggles and thought now. I definitely did not want to do the whole process again. It took me really long to understand the unless you put God at the center of your life, no way you will feel peace and happy. God has to be in the center.

Before I went to visit sisters, my life was in a mass. I was so easily distracted by all kinds of thing. I did not feel happy at all. Immersing in the prayer did give me a lot of peace…… Lord, please help me…

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