Joke/Joy in the spiritual direction

hahaha, I really love my spiritual direction.  There is always a lot of funny stories happen in my spiritual direction with my spiritual director..

Here is one….

Me: Father. I feel that my life will be miserable if I chose to spend my whole life with a guy who does not really love God, does not love philosophy, does not read books or listens to the classical music.

SD: oh.. you might get a chance to find a good guy who loves God dearly and love philosophy and listen to classic music. It is not impossible.

Me: Oh, yeah, it is possible, but these kinds of guys normally end up choosing to be priests..

SD laughed “super” happily : Oh, yeah.. Why not……….

“Why not?….”



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  1. Well, you don’t need 20 guys who are called to the priesthood… you just need one who is called to marriage, 🙂 God also has an incredible sense of humor. I’ve found that usually I end up with exactly what I said I didn’t want, and find I love it anyways 😛

  2. although, I wouldn’t settle for a guy who isn’t a devout Catholic, but my comment referred to the other topics. It would be quite a difficult calling to marry a non-Catholic.

  3. actually, the reason why our conversation is a kind of joy/ fun, is because ….you can see how much he values the religious life…lol… and how much I understand that he wants me to become a nun…lol….

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