Funny stories about my spiritual status.

I have a friend who always like catching all the chances of making fun of me..So.. here are some funny the stories he told me about my spiritual status….

1) Turkey in the spiritual direction..

Last year in Dec ish.. I went to spiritual direction. My spiritual director and I were discussing something really serious, but at that time I had difficulty concentrating…

Suddenly, A giant turkey appear outside the windows and I became super excited ” turkey. turkey….”

After I told this story to my friend.. He told me that he think the turkey has symbolic and prophetic meaning for my spiritual status….

2) Baptism in the traditional Latin rite..

OK, I am not sure how many of you have attended baptism in traditional latin rite which is a little bit more complicated than new rite. It has exorcism and giving children salt which represent the wisdom from God.

I got my baptism in new rite.. en… so .. I missed that two important part of baptism..I guess it explained a little bit about the previous story and why I am so goofy…hahahahha!!!

( just Joke..)

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  1. I forgot to ask earlier; Since your friend thinks the turkey is so symbolic, did your friend say exactly what the turkey was supposed to mean? 😛

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