The first attempt to camp

It was really a fun day. In order to protect the privacy of my friends. I will not publicly share the pictures here. So if you would like to see the pictures and if I have not invited you, please do let me know..hahaha

I though the camping would not be that serious. We would just hang out and have fun.. We would not really be seriously be “wild”..While you might know me that I have all kind of interesting friends. Some of them are just really good at camping. They really want to make “real”.. a real camping experience for me. So.. I had to.. pick up wood.. lighted a fire(  Thank you for Daniel, who is really good at that..).. pick up small stick and shaved it.. ( Why life is sooo complicated..) but it is really fun, when hotdog was well cooked and eaten with bread.

Honestly, I never understand why American love the marshmallows+ chocolate..They are sooo sticky.. it would be really hard to brush teeth in the wild.. Aren’t they worried about.. toothache..hahaha, but since it is the classical American camping stuff….I have to eat it.. Nikki’ s dad was really fun, He liked the burn marshmallows.. It was kind of fun to see the marshmallows catch fire..but it was a little bit challenging to eat the burned marshmallows.

Sleeping outside…. was OK in a cool night, before the thunderstorm. Nikki as a good girl prayed the Compline. W did that together, though we figured out that we prayed different psalms.. lol..

Sleeping on the ground,  a soft smell of pristine.. haunted around..

Night went well, though I was rolling over on the ground because of the temperature change.. cold-hot-cold–and windy!!

I heard the roaring of wind.. I stared at the top of tent. Nikki woke up for a second, went back to sleep again. Since she did so, i thought I could just close my eye… our super gentle gentleman Chad suddenly came and remind us” ladies.. storm will come in ten minutes iphone map showed red…very red…. I think we should move in”..

Finally, I went back to my original plan.. slept on Nikki’s bed..Nikki was so kind to me.. she let me sleep on her bed and she sleep on the floor.. and the floor in her room was not soft as the ground outside..Nikki is a good girl.

The first attempt to camp was a kind of fun. I am looking forward that one day we could really camp in the wild.. but we have to bring a preist who can say Latin Mass with us….hahahaha…



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  1. Your original camping plan was to sleep on my bed? You have a lot to learn about camping, 😛 Can’t wait to REALLY camp when we both get back to the U.S.A!

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