May 24: Thank all my Great Friends, especially my loving spiritual father!

It was really a big day for me. I tried to prepare as well as I can for that day, printed out all the music sheets, get together choir and printed out booklets. I did really want everybody to enjoy this mass, especially for my friends who were first time come to Latin Mass.

However, God told me again, Yiqi relax, it is not about you… It is not just your work.  I was told that it would not be a Gloria and Credo that day, so Ladies did not prepare that at all.  I did not get chance to talk with my spiritual director at all before this mass. All the news I got were from my friends who know more about Latin Mas than me.

Thursday night, I was totally stressed out since I had soo many things to do. I went to SFdS  for adoration. I felt so peace in front of the blessed sacrement. I went to confession, prayed the vesper. I just loved the solemn moment to accompany my Lord.

After that, I gave the music sheet to the ladies at SFdS, since Ashley is a really experienced choir members. She thought it would be fine. Yeah, it would be fine. Suddenly, another experienced choir member Jim showed us. He told me that he came to figure out what mass we will have. I said high mass.. He said .. I am not sure… er.. How can we be not sure what mass we will have next day. Jim and I decided we should figure out Friday morning with Abbe ….but he finally called me saying that we only need to figure out with my spiritual director…

Since that moment, I really began to feel stressed…I drove to Cathedral, since I really wanted to give invitation to my friends at Cathedral. I am so glad that Lilian and Lisa are willing to help out the choir and Lisa is a really great choir director, a little bit more approachable than MBK..hahaha…

Thursday was a pretty fun day. A Filipino lady treated Kosi and I a big breakfast after mass. I did not feel hungry at all for the whole day until 9 p.m. Actually if I went to sleep at that time, I did not really need a second meal. However, I needed to go to school to pick up the booklets ( Thanks Greg for printing that out for me).. and find the third page for Panis Angelus… er…stressed


Friday, I began to feel really stressed since the morning. I went to grocery store to buy food for the potluck.. On the way back, Steven said that we might have a big surprise.. I told him immediately , I am stressed out.. no surprise.. He said. Yiqi, it will be a solemn high mass…

What? a Solemn high mass….. I never really sing in a Solemn high mass before. I almost passed out. I called Jim and immediately dressed up for mass.

Thanks soo much for Kelsey, Lilian and Ashley and Lisa, Mary Grace

Gentleman choir did a great job in sing propers.. without them… I guess I do not know at all how we will deal with propers.

So………..1o minutes before mass, I went to knock the door of Sacristy. My great spiritual director opened the door with his typical smile..

Hey… Solemn high mass?

Yeah,, I grab a deacon and a subdeacon, so we will have a solemn high mass

( He does trust me a lot.. How did he know I get everything ready for Solemn high mass? He even did not tell me before mas..too much….)

Lisa, Yiqi, could you make sure it is solemn high..

Fr, Yes…

Lisa, very calm…. OK..


I told everybody, I am stressed out.. if it is not my plan.. I am stressed out…)

Guys were still trying super hard practice the proper till 3 min before mass, then I had to go out to let them know mass began..

First part went well…

then ” Gloria in excelsis deo…”

( what? Gloria, who told me there were not be a Gloria on ember Friday?????)

Jim looked at ladies..Ladies looked at him.. He said OK, Mass IV…

then Gloria… It was soo beautiful..

Since it was a Gloria, we guessed we would have a Credo too.. ( Ladies have not worked on Credo..but I am so glad I have more than 4 friends are experienced choir members, they can overcome all the accidents in the mass…lol….)

We felt kind of sad that we did not get a chance to sing Panis Anglus, since I decided that communion is more important and I do want all the choir members have chance to go for communion. Since it was a private mass, we did not have long line for communion. After we went back, gentleman needed to sing the post communion.. It was not my will…

We did not prepare for final blessings either.  Thanks for the great choir members and altar server..

Everything is not my will and not in my control at all, but God really did take care of everything!

Thank you for everybody!

( Friends, who want the original size pictures please let me know, I will email you or you can download from my facebook page…..)

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