Notes: The Holy Rule of St. Benedict.

Sometimes, when I read books, I always forget what I have read. When I am getting older, it become easier and easier for me to forget a lot of stuff, so I decide to read slowly and try to take some notes. I also have the problem of leaving paper everywhere, so I decide to use my blog to gather all my notes.. It is just for my own use. I like discussing with you if you find that my notes are kind of “fun”. Due to some copy right problem, some notes I cannot make some of my notes public.


The Rule of St. Benedict

It is “assigned” spiritual reading. After I came back from benedictine of Mary. I have tons of questions about why do they do this, why do they do that. Since sisters have their own rules for using the time, I cannot occupy too much their time with all my basic questions. So I decide to bring them back to my spiritual director. My spiritual director definitely know that I like reading the book.  He always tries to assign me reading when I have questions. I guess this is a good book for all my questions about Benedictines. With the reading going, I find some other really interesting things I want to talk about here.

1. Some general information.

1) St. Benedict is sometimes regarded as the founder of Western Monasticism..
Somebody has told me that a lot of woman orders when they were first established, they were required to follow the rule of Benedictine.. ( Not sure whether it is right or not…)
Catholic encyclopedia.. ( it is too long… have not read yet.. )
2. Some interesting chapter:
3. Q & A about the Benedictine orders

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