Journey To TFC

Thanks be to God and Thank you all our great fellows!

The majority of my friends know that I have joined a volunteer teaching program called “Teach for China” which is a similar program as Teach for America. The two major difference between these two programs are first of course Teach for China is in rural China and second it is an international program recruiting both Chinese and American fellows to do that together.

The reason why I chose to join that program, you can try to read one of my another article: ” Last attempt as an idealists”.

The journey to TFA training site was kind of long, but without the blessing of God and help with friends, we arrive the beautiful little town in Yunnan, safely. Thanks be to God.

IMG_0322Here is the map, give you a first sense of where I am:One of the funny things on our way to the Changning, Baoshan was that we met three Australians who was supposed to arrive Shanghai in Baoshan. Could you guess the reasons? Their company mistaken the Baoshan(宝山) district, Shanghai with Baoshan(保山) Yunnan. So after 24 hours flight: Australia-Singapore-Kunming-Baoshan, they have do another couple hours flight again.

Our journey to Changning was long, but not too tired and pretty fun. I went with another 10 fellows from Shanghai and surrounding area. We took 36 hours train, then stayed in Kunming for a night in Kunming, then on the second day, I took flight and two hours bus and some other friends took another 12 hours bus from kunming to Changning.

36 hours training was a challenge. we slept on train for two nights and spent a whole day on train. Before that I only did 12 hours flight before. We chatted, ate a lot of snacks and played some games. with the help of high tech, we kept contact with families and friends through internet.  The time passed so fast which made me feel so unreal. A month ago STL, then Shanghai, then suddenly.. Yunnan, a western province which I had never stepped on. Then Changning, a small little town which I would never had thought to stepped without the invitation from TFA.

The whole journey to Changning, I have to thank all the great guys. Without their help, I do not think I could make to Changning at all.. you will know what I mean by that from the following pictures.

We have a guy. we called him “great angel”… because he is willing to help all of us for anything we ask. I pray that God will give him extra blessing for him,  and our great teachers!


A lot of my Catholic friends worried about my faith situation here. I just called the diocese here. We did not have a parish in this town. The closest Catholic is 6 hours drive. However, you might ever know how much grace God has given me. My roommate is a beautiful American fellows from Kansas city KS and is a  Catholic! and ! a girl love Latin mass.

Without Mass, we will pray Rosary together tomorrow. God, I cannot say how much more I love you! My dear spiritual father, please pray for me,  my great friends, please pray for me and all our teachers who will face the huge challenge in the future two years!

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