Amazing pictures: Church in rural China

This set of pictures I saw on my friends’s blog.  They are taken by a photographer, Yankang Yang, from Shaanxi, China. He spent 10 years in rural China to record the real life of faith in rural China. In 1289, since the first missionary, Fr. Giovanni da Montecorvino began to bring the Catholicism in China, the stories have never stopped. In the past hundreds of years, Catholicism has gone throw the so many difficulties. How is the life of Catholics now in China? The photographer, uses his vieews to record the real stories of Catholics in China. Yankang, Yang of Guizhou, China, began to learn photoing since 1984 and has been to many different places in rural China to record the local traditions.

Since 1992, he began to pay attention to the Catholicism in rural Shaanxin. The long time photographing the people there made him know a lot of clergies and faithful there. As a atheists outsider, he felt deeply impressed by the church standing in the village. He was surrounding by the faithful who devoted all their life to Catholicism. Although the material conditions is really poor there, the faithful are supported by far more stronger things: their souls and their faith. The faithful there are willing to endure the difficulties of life in order to gain the salvation of souls.

Those who have face face the life and death very naturally and peacefully, because they know how to get to Heaven. Those villagers with generations of ancestors believed in Catholicism, hold firm to their faith  in the hardship and use prayers to overcome the difficulties. In China, about 800,000 Catholics live in rural China.

中国陕西乡村天主教是杨延康1992年至2001年用10年的时间拍摄的关于中国农村信仰的纪实专题。1289年意大利神父约翰8226孟高维诺把罗马天 主教传入了中国以来,有关它的故事一直在延续。几百年来,天主教在中国风风雨雨,目前在中国的状况,教民们在现实中怎样去渡过宗教生活杨延康用摄影向人们 讲述着中国天主教徒的真实故事。杨延康,中国贵州人,1984年到深圳《现代摄影》杂志工作并开始学习摄影。多年来曾去过中国陕西北部拍摄民俗,去西藏拍 摄自然环境中的人物。

从1992年便开始关注中国陕西乡村天主教。长年的拍摄杨延康结识了乡村天主教的神职人员和他的教民们,从一个无神论者的外乡人走进贫瘠土地上耸 立村头辉煌的天主教堂时,被一种实实在在情感的宗教氛围包溶着,在这些生存条件很差的农村信徒心中,有着比物质世界更为重要的东西——灵魂信仰,他们为救 赎自己的灵魂去体验肉身的磨难。

信仰之人,面对生存与死亡都显得极平静和自然,因为他们懂得怎样去筑建通往天国之路。这些有着几代人都信奉天主教的乡民们,在贫困的生存环境中坚 定自己的信念,用心祈愿来战胜克服人为的,自然的困难。地域辽阔的中国,约80万的天主教民生活在农村,拍摄这个在中国十分困难棘手的摄影专题,杨延康工 作近十年。杨延康在拍摄这个专题中,注重个人式的情感体验,寻找心灵归宿的通道,通过自己所关注信仰者体现出来的精神,产生的现实表现,努力为社会史学留 下关于中国乡村信仰人有价值的影像文本.



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