City of God Notes: Book IX

The difference between the knowledge of angels and the knowledge of demons.

The good angels hold cheap all the knowledge of material and temporal matters, which inflates the demons with pride. ( Book IX chapter 22 22)

Yesterday I laid on bed when I read this piece. I cannot say how much I was moved by this pieces. I was really into philosophy when I was in college, especially the modern and post modern philosophy. Philosophy is a kind of knowledge which is easy to make one arrogant, especially when one can talk fluently with tons of names and theories of those great philosopher. I was like that.. Until one day, I feel I cannot get happiness through philosophy….I am not saying that philosophy is the knowledge of demons, but the way we approach might not be the way pleasing our Lord.

St. Augustine said in the Book IX that demons know far more things than human being about the future, but they might just tell it according to their attentions. Therefore, they are often deceived. They can even change the events in a temporal and mutable evidence, but they can never ever change the eternal cause of the events: God’s love.

If we see the single events through a temporal aspect, we may merely see the pains and sufferings if we forget about the eternal justice of God…


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