11.25 Daily Reflection

Life short and our days on earth and how much can we and are we willing to offer to the Lord.

Dear Lord, I am a sinner, through today’s reading, I feel deeply in my heart that I am sinner since I have not detest from the temptation Daniel (in the first reading )did and I have not been truly willing to give you my livelihood like the woman ( in the gospel ) did. All my days, I use my time unwisely and I am so afraid to see you. Every day, when I read the psalm about we will finally see you and you are looking at me from Heaven.. I am so scared and feel trembling.. I do wish for the hundreds times, that the the fearing of Lord is the beginning of wisdom.. and I do feel soo grateful that though I fell hundreds times, you find me back hundreds time. You are my Lord.. My only Lord.

I feel.. Lord, it is sooo hard sooooo hard to offer you my prayer and work , joy and suffering of the days. like what we pray in the morning prayers…..I do not blame for the temptation of this world. I only blame myself for my weak wills.. However, Lord, how much times, I am arrogant and prideful.. even when I am now writting those words down.. I forget, the next part of the prayer is the through immaculate heart of Mary and in union with the holy sacrifice of mass throughout the world…

I always think I am doing things alone… I always think to accomplish things through my strong will, my own efforts. Lord, please make me learn to be meek and gentle… to be more and more like our Mother… just to say “yes” to you, without worrying… totally surrendering, totally obedient….

Lord, the time I have on earth is limit.. I feel that I have to make decision about my vocation… It won’t be fair for anybody.. Lord, please help me … to truly offer my livelihood.. to obey your word!


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