Latin mass for Good Friday: Lord, We are sorry for having offened thee

It has marked my three years with Latin mass, though this year I do not have a lot of chances to go to Latin Mass, but every chance I have to be with Latin Mass, I felt the deepest moving in my heart. There is always a voice in my heart: Lord, I want to be back with you.

I could never imagine that I would take 2 hour train and one hour on the board and crossed the board , take one hour metro.. just to go for a mass, but I did.. To be honest,  I do not like Hongkong, a small island.. with way too many people. People are not very nice and always in a hurry… It is not strange for a big city on a small island..

The church itself is really small and really modern. It was through the huge efforts of local Latin mass lover, that Latin mass was able to be hold in Hongkong. They worked hard on preserve the traditions.  The church was hiden in a local school. and the internal decoration was really modern. In order to have Latin mass,they have to use temporary communion rail. The chanting was out of tones couple times.. BUT the gospel was nice as usual.. though not as great as SFdS… ( I miss SFdS… soooo much… ) ( Actually, it somehow reminded me the first time I went Latin Mass with my spiritual director.. It was in a quite modern Church.. BUT Latin Mass can make a place a solemn worship place for Lord)

The veneration for Cross is always my favorite part for Good Friday, besides the chanting of gospel. I missed soo much about the solemn moments of that part in SFdS..with the beautiful chanting. My tears always went out automatically in that moments. When the cross was unveiled and stood up, I knew that it was our weakness and sinfulness put our Lord onto the cross.. I offend my Lord for soooo many times and I am still now strong enough to be called his disciple.  At that moments.. All those feelings come to me.. I just want to tell Lord…I am sorry.

The Latin  mass itself always have a mystical power on me.. I cannot tell how much I feel that I am with Lord.. From the deep of my heart, I heard a voice.. I want to be with Lord, to the end of day. The mass was offered by Cardinal Chan, who was from Shanghai and he helped a lot with re-establishment of Church in Shanghai. It was nice to see him in person…

I did not really pay too much attention to the people in the Church and since the homily was in Cantonese.. I cannot really tell what he has said.. But from the deep of my heart, I still want to say.. Thank you Lord, for giving me a Latin Mass on Good Friday..

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