Students and I, and I and God

It is a great headache when you have naughty students, while recently, when I am dealing with them,  I suddenly feel a strong contrast between my students and I and I and God.  This contrast makes me realize how GREAT God is!

” How many times you have not done your homework? do you still expect that  I will forgive you???”  Miss zhu said to her students.

” No matter how many times you have offend ME, as long as you come back to Me, I will forgive you.”  ( God tells me when I go to confession)

Patience and forgiveness are two really big challenges for a new teacher like me dealing with a group of students from a different culture background, who just enter into the adolescent period of time. I scolded them, punished them and used many ways trying to correct them.. until one day I went to confession… I realized that I was wrong.

God loves me and wish me the best. No matter how many times I offend him, he forgives me… No matter how many times, I went back to my old bad habits, He is patient with me… No matter how many times, I made mistake, he did not forsake me.. He tolerate my weakness and imperfectness…

I am a rational adult with a Master degree and I still make mistakes and offend God all the time. How about my little fifth grade?? how could I be angry with them and just remember every mistakes they made?  Compared with the times God forgives me, The times I forgive my students is really nothing… I even have not followed what Jesus said.. to forgive seventy times…

God is patient with my mistakes..He reminds me through every day teaching.  He understands human weakness and never forsake us because of our weakness. 

I have an internet bar boys.. He skipped class almost once a week.. I was really angry with him and tried to find many ways to make him care about the classroom., but all my ways come out of anger do not work and to be honest,  I still do not find an effective way to help him.

However, He reminds me of myself. I made promise that I will use as less social media as possible… but I did not keep the promise.. I said that I will not use FB or Wechat.. but I did not keep my promise… I pray hard that I will get out of the circle of internet addiction ( though I am not addictive more than many other people, but it still severely influence my time with God.) but I still have not reached the goal… How can I blame my students?

He needs help just like all of us need help to get out of the occasion of committing sin.  I feel sorry for him, since his parents do not have time for him and his teachers do not have time for him. He is totally on his own… He is only 12 year old..

I know that I cannot really become his parents to go after him all the time, and I cannot ask all the other teachers to stop corporal punishing him.. What I can do  is have patience with him and open a door for him. I tell him, hey, if you need help, no matter what, I am here for you , you can change your mind and come back to school whenever you want.. It is OK to make mistakes and it is not a shame to make mistakes, and all the other people are making the same mistakes you make now.. It is hard to come over addiction, I know,  and we can work hard together. ( internet addiction is a disease….we all have, though different degrees. )

I think God is right to send me to this job and this place.. This job does remind me a lot of his great love for me. I should carry out his will on me to spread his love around world..

God, I trust in you. Lord, I love you!


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