The Hobbit : A movie for me

I watched the Hobbit on New Year’s day. It was a movie for me in many aspects. I still remember two years ago, exactly the same day, maybe even the same time. I went to watch Hobbit with Michael in st. Louis. I require the best movie theater with the biggest screen. I cried so hard when I heard the Gandalf said to the Bilbo that the forest is heard, home is behind, You will never become the same person when you come back. At that time I lost my job and planned to come back to China.

I watched the second movie when I was in Shantou at the benign of 2014. I was fighting with pressure from different aspects. I felt sad. I remember the little dwarf said to the elf about the brightest star shining in the sky. It was my hope too at that time.

I watched the third one myself in HK on New Year day. When Bilbo said:” I really appreciate every adventures you brought me to, which is way beyond every hobbit in my family deserve…” ( something like that, I cannot remember exact the word.. I burst into tears… I suddenly realize all the pains and sadness in my life is for the moment one day that I can say the same thing to my Lord in Heaven.

Also , when Tauriel saw the death of her beloved dwarf, she said:” if it is the love, i do not want it.. It is so much pains.”  Another elf ( Thaudil? ) said that it is painful, because it is true. I cannot tell you how much this sentence speaks to my heart.

I am not sure how long will it take for me to get “Home”.. but I guess, Lord has explained to me a lot of things through movie and through many things in my life. I feel really really grateful..

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