Reading Notes: The Chronicles of Narnia

Narnia is a great book. I cannot tell you how many questions I had about my faith has been solved in the process of reading this book. It was an amazing experience for me. Narnia is a kid book since its English is so easy. However, its theological meanings are so deeper that even an adults like me feel moved.

I am planning to write down every great illuminations I get from this book. It will be long work.Let’s just start.

The Last Battles.

The last battles was the end of the shadow Narnia. Everyone who has read it must have a feeling about ” Revelation ” of this book. I do believe that Lewis wish to tell us who can be saved at last: not the cleverest, nor the bravest.. but the one keeps faith in the Lord not matter in whatever the situations and have the faith the last moments.

Do you remember Edmund the one who has betrayed Aslan once.. He is saved, but not Susan, who accompanied the Aslan to his death in the second book. Somebody sames that Edmund was the image of Judas. I cannot agree on that. I feel that Edmund was an image of all those sinners like us. Aslan die for him just Jesus Christ died for all our sinners in order to redeem us.

Edmund went back to the Aslan at last and willing to suffer all his life to serve the Lord, so he is saved. Susan was the young lovely queen, but she did not believe in the Lord anymore. she chose to turn to secular world (the parties and the lipsticks were the things she cared the most now..) , so at the end of book, she was the one who left behind.

It did not mean that Susan would not be saved. Lord will give us chances as long as we live in the world and have the chances to make free choices. However, our lives will come to an end in this world. Then we will lose our chances to make choices. We will pay for all we have done in the world.  Since we still have chances, let’s praise the lord.

The Ape and the world with relativism:

The ape was very clever in the books. Clever is not the true wise. Being Clever without virtue will lead to arrogance and ignorance.  the things that stroke me the most is not how evil the ape was, but how “real” his image is.

Think about our world: how many so called clever scholars are working to mix the good and evil? How many followers they have?  Ape could mix the Tash with Aslan.  How many of us in the real world are using “justice” to call those 100% unjustly thing? Then those scholars told the world that there is not absolutely right and wrong in the world.. things change according to situations????

Things do change according to the situations, but virtue won’t, Turth won’t!

I was a follower of relativism. I was woken by my dearest friends, who might not be scholastic as many of those who believe in the relativism. However, Aslan only chose those kids to save Narnia.. because the world and our souls cannot be saved by our own strength, but by the grace of our Lord. So the only things that can save us is faith…. I feel really thankful to Lord who has led me to one of the best communities in the world to introduce me to true simple Catholic life. ( I miss all of you. )

( To be continued!)


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