Mint feels Sunshine, do you?

My favorite flower is rose, I am obsessed with the smell of rose. However, I choose mint as my companion in my life.

People who love plants all know that mint is so easy to grow. Just leave them there, they can survive. I never realize that mint can be that easy to grow until one day I found that mint can grow in water under extreme cold weather in St.Louis.

When you see mint, the first impression might just be that mint is so small, so common, so quiet, and so easy to overlook. Why do people even brother to care about it?

I never really pay attention to my mint until one day, I suddently realize my little mint suddenly become bigger, its stalk began to expand to my table. Sunshine gladden on its small leaves… so beautiful.

I often have curtain in my room down to protect my privacy. Then, I realize that mint really knows when sunshine comes from and really treausres it. Mint expands its stalk to the direction where sunshine comes from and grows quietly, but strongly.

Mine, is common , small and quite, but the love for sunshine makes it strong and beautiful. Even in a 90% shadowned room, it knows where the sunshine comes from. It grows strongly toward the light.   Living in this world is not easy, especially living alone, living in a common life without any attentions from other people. Sometimes, we just keep all the things to ourselves, and never even brother to raise up the curtain in our rooms to see and feel the sunlight outside.

However, sunshine will always come, sunlight is always there, we can choose to face it, embrace it, or we can choose just to turn back toward it, living under our own shadow.

( the picture is from a special friend, I have not got premission. Since I am a Chinese, I guess he knows I will use stuff without premission. However,  in exchange,  I will pray that he really enjoys the sunshine in the picutre he took! )


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