Valuable Lesson From Fairy Tails

Watching Cinderella with my best friend Amy just reminds me again about how good she is. She is just one of the best women you can have as a friend, and If I was man, I would have, for sure, married her, since she is the best wife a man can imagine.

Amy is not like Cinderella at all. Amy is a strong independent woman, full of wisdom to deal with all types of drama in her life, and her friends’ life. She is a great listener and good counselor.  However, Amy is definite a very shinning example in demonstrating the valuable lesson from Cinderella, ” Have Courage and be Kind.”

No way I will accept Cinderella’s way to deal with her stepmother, so passive and submissive. However, I will always remember Cinderella’s way in dealing with other people, always be kind, and beyond that,  never shift your own anger towards other people.

Do you still remember the sense when Cinderella was rejected the opportunity to go to the ball by her stepmother, she cried so hard. However, when an old lady showed up and asked for milk and break, she still gave beautiful simile and willing to help. (I will always remember… from now on….)

Amy is always positive about life and has the most beautiful smile on can imagine. Being with her just makes my life so easy and so warm. But her life has a lot of difficulties just as many other people, though she always says that compared with other people’s life, her life is way much better.  Compared with her life, actually, the difficulties I faced in the first semester was just nothing. I was stressed and over exaggerated.

In the first semester, I did shift my anger toward other people so I intended to isolate myself from a lot of friends. I forgot about how to properly communicate with others and properly relate to other people. This added to extra problems to my first semester.  I feel it is I who should learn from Amy, I feel so blessed that I have such a good and lifelong friend. ( Even after 3 years not seeing each other, we still feel so closed..) Amy, you deserve the best of the world, because you have such a beautiful heart!

Will a kind girl always have a good ending as what is showed in the fairy tail? I do not know. However, it is the beautiful part of having faith/having courage. I will firmly tell you that I believe so !

Even though, I was hurt before, I will keep being kind to the world, because I know even the entire world dessert me, not understand me, despise me, I still have Lord wait for me in Heaven, which will be my everlasting home.


Besides the lesson about ” Having courage and being kind”. Remember, come back home before 12 a.m. is another important lesson for young girl who meet a guy….lol…


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