Lala Land: Always wish you the best

One of the things I have learned when I grew up is stop to ask why , especially for the questions about relationship.   I began to understand that no matter how good I am at analyzing behavior patterns of human, I will always fail to analyze my own relationship and my own love life.  When I am getting old,  young ladies often come to me for relationship counseling. Although I have a lot of 100 billion worthy of suggestions, look at me, I am not good at it, and will never be. my 100 billion worthy of suggestions is all about the terrible pains I learned through my own failures.

This might be the reason I love Lala land so much, because I have learned, there is not ” what if…” in real life, ” I / we would have …” only happen in dreams and is only beautiful in dreams.

Failing in a relationship left huge hole in the heart , which will never be healed. I just get used to live with it and live for better.  I cannot change how other people see me, I cannot change other people’s thoughts, so I have to just live for myself, and live better and better for myself.  I hope that you do the same, both physically in this life , and spiritually for next life.

I love the ending of Lala land and wish we all could do the same, for ourselves and for the people we used to love or have loved us. Be better version of ourselves. Just in case, one day, we could still meet, no matter in this world, or next, we are still the one we love.




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