Live in a foreign country: On morality and values

Every time, when I watch some bad news about students studying aboard ( such as drug abuse, and other issues) with parents at home, my mom always says that , I am so glad that you are safe and away from those bad things. I look at my mom, ask her,” are you worried about that?”  She says,” yes,  we are worried about your safety all the time, but we have confidence in you that you will stay away from bad things, because we raise you up in righteous way.”

Thank you mom, for raising me in a righteous way.

I have to say, after live in the US for five years, I never feel it is getting ever harder to maintain integrity,  maintain faith, not mentioning maintain the hope for humanity and still keep loving the struggles I am facing every day in this world.

Living in a foreign country means loneliness. We all seek accompany.  The relationship between men and women are very delicate, because men and women are so different but we so desire to be related. In a foreign country or just in a time of changing, commit to a relationship is almost an impossible things because we do not know where we might be next day.  Fighting hard to be together is definitely not the attractive theme for love in this time.  While, then different people have different choices.

Living in a foreign country means that you can do anything you want without being “found”. You are away from all the people know you. Without being watched and being remembered. If you really regret something, you can just “defriend” and “go”. Yes. nobody will remember you. However, it might not be the case as we thought especially in this time of fast communication. ( yes, these days the chances that you will see a person is pretty large…just we have not realized yet.)

Recently, I chatted with friends about why the majority of Chinese people still cannot openly accept certain aspects of so called western value. We said it is about cultural resistance. We are raised in a culture that emphasizing so much on the human relationship/ true human connection. The majority of children come from a healthy family believe in the true human connection. We treasure friends, relationship, and even the strangers we have just met. We believe in the kindness, honesty, and potential future for meeting each other again.

There are so many different cultural values in the US, which is called ” relativism”. People can pick and choose for what they want to follow, and no judgement will be followed.  Chinese cultural value is not relativistic, and at the same time, not absolutist as western religious value. We know what is right and wrong according to the context. We still have strict moral judgement all the time. Basically, among Chinese communities, people will know whether you are a good person and whether you live in a righteous life. While, I guess, I am not only bounded to my religion, but also to a very close Chinese community (one does not have to be physically engaged  in Chinese community, Chinese community is very close to every one of us).

Finally, I want to remind myself, when I see a bad example, especially, when you being hurt by a bad example, remember to pray for him and examine my own behaviors.  Pray and Examine the consciousness !


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