When we know it is hard to succeed….

For those friends who know me that my research is on the cognitive development and nutrition intake of school age children. Science are cute ( btw. I just open a new page on all the “cute” science papers I found during my research or just daily life, you can click the link and check them out. ). One of the cute science topic is on the association of height and intelligence.. ( which sounds sooo pseudoscience, but you might surprise that actually there are some genetic finding to support the correlation. see this paper). The reason why I dig into this topic was because “stunting” at  young age is a risk factor for cognitive development for children and I am really curios that whether children could still catch up after they were stunted at age of 5.  (OK, fine, the truth is that I want to explain that I can still work on my PhD degree though I am not very tall? OK?? )

OK, statically…. according to the wikipedia, the correlation coefficient between the height and intelligent is 0.2 which indicating a weak but significant association. And I have to admit, that majority of my “tall” friends are smarter in many ways than me and they are normally the group of people who like to make fun of me. which is fine with me..lol.. BUT.. Historically, there are many short people who are doing very well in their respective fields, such as the famous Einstein.. or De Xiaoping in China. while so? When I reflect my own growing up process, I think that success might not be highly correlated to intelligence either..lol..( I so want to run a regression on that…)

One of the comments my English teacher gave me when I was third grad was that this girl was not smart, but worked very hard. ( Fine…Actually, I did not like that English teacher..). Working hard I guess was one of the reasons that I am who I am today, though not very successful, but on the track of pursuing my dream. BUT, why I worked so hard ? I guessed it was because I knew it was too hard to win any battle.  I still remember that I have to take three or four houses during the weekend to remember all the new words I learn in English when I was a kid, while other “talented” students only need an hour. Knowing it is so hard to succeed even in a very little thing makes me believe in hard working.  I know if I do not work hard, I will never even be able to get anything. I have to work hard to make people at least willing to listen to me. Success for me is something too hard to get, so I cannot afford to waste a little bit time.

I can give you another example.. Perfect pitch is something a musician desperately want because it will save a lot of time for one to figure out music. However, not all the great musicians have perfect pitch and not all the people have perfect pitch become musicians. One of my friend is a pianist, though not a famous one. He does not have perfect pitch, but he plays really well.  He is willing to devote three or four house to figure out the notes of a beautiful melody, which might only take an hour for a person with perfect pitch. His devotion to music makes him a great musician, not those natural talent. I always pray that he will keep his love and passion for music.

I just want to write this blog to remind myself that it is normal for me to encounter many many many difficulties and challenges, and it is normal for me to take double to triple the time to learn anything new to me.  It is never easy for me to win a battle, but I treasure every success I can get in my life, because they are not easy.

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