About Me

Yiqi Zhu(朱轶琪)

About Me

This is me, this is my personal blog just for fun.

“Who am I?” is the most difficult question to answer.

Maybe you can find something interesting in this blog which might help you know me more.

About this blog

Dream and Drudgery

Just some random thoughts from life.

From the soil

A category documents my research and thoughts. My research interests are rural development, food security and left behind children in China. I have been a teacher with TFC ( Teach for China ) for two years. These two years were the inspiration and motivation of my research. I have seen the most vulnerable with the most strength people from the soil.

Philo-Sophy ( Love Wisdom)

With a “useless” but “omnipotent” major in philosophy, I just cannot stop philosophicizing my life.  I have to say that I get my best education with my undergraduate advisor in philosophy department in East China Normal University. He has made huge impact in my life.

Little Stars

As a social scientist, we wish our research could as rigorous as natural science. However, the reality is that we cannot(natural science is not that scientific as they thought ). I personally sometimes feel depressed about the human conditions, while I still keep faith through prayers. This is the category I share with you about my faith, which is the star to guide me in the darkness.


I just love some classical art, however neither am I good at them, nor I wish to become a renaissance woman…lol..

Footprints on the maps

Chinese old saying:” read thousands of books and walk thousands of miles”.  Traveling makes me think life from another aspects. I love photographing too ( not professional…lol…) . This is also a category to share some of my pictures.

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