When we know it is hard to succeed….

August 14, 2017

For those friends who know me that my research is on the cognitive development and nutrition intake of school age children. Science are cute ( btw. I just open a new page on all the “cute” science papers I found during my research or just daily life, you can click the link and check them out. ). One of the cute science topic is on the association of height and…


Live in a foreign country: On morality and values

July 26, 2017

Every time, when I watch some bad news about students studying aboard ( such as drug abuse, and other issues) with parents at home, my mom always says that , I am so glad that you are safe and away from those bad things. I look at my mom, ask her,” are you worried about that?”  She says,” yes,  we are worried about your safety all the time, but we…


On Human Relationship, Faith and Hope

July 22, 2017

Last night, I had a conversation about commitment and friendship with a friend. These days, those kind of topics are getting harder and sometimes even hurting, because it is kind of waking call for the meaning of life again. We, as social being, we have to be connected to people.  However, the establishment of relationship needs “commitment”. What behind the commitment are the senses of hope for eternity and the…


Something never fade:Charles Rosen, Goldberg Variations, CDs and Sony Walkman

May 25, 2017

On the international flight, one of my favorite things is to listen to classical music and read books. I just cannot feel justified to watch movies for 14 hours without doing any work related things. Sorry, you can call me workaholic, but I am just so in love with what I am doing. This time, I was surprised to hear the Charles Rosen playing Debussy on the flight. Debussy as…


I wish there would be be a Baahubali 3….lol…

April 29, 2017

One more “hilarious ” thing can add to the records of ” mischievous  Yiqi ” . Yes,  Yiqi went to see Baahubali 2 Conclusion in Telugu ( do not worry, with English subtitles) on her own. In order to reduce the awkwardness of  watching a southern Indian movie  in a movie theater among a group of southern Indiana people, Yiqi mischievous bought an extra movie ticket for a friend who…