Constant Struggles, Endless fulfilling, Rest in the Restless ( At the End of the Second Year PhD Study)

April 15, 2017

It is hard to imagine that it is already second year. I will finish all the course work and move to the topic which I might devote my life for. I have been feeling sad, confused, uncertain about things I am experiencing, while at the same time, I am just being stronger and (maybe more introverted/indifferent) than I thought I could be. It is a good things in turns of…


OSL, Sr. Fisher and linear models in general

April 8, 2016

OK, let’s talk about statistics. When you have one of the best statistics professor in the world, you will feel more and more pains when you do OSL ( ordinary least square) , because he always reminds you of the assumptions you need to have in order to use OLS in order to get the minimal least squares error between the observed the Y and predicted Y. We all know…


Admit the weakness

December 14, 2015

It is kind of tradition for online social life that one only intends to share the success, but not the failure, especially the weakest part of oneself. While, I think I just want to be here to tell you a me who you might never saw before. A totally defeated Yiqi for the first semester! First semester of PhD program was really rough for me. I had to tell u…


Students and I, and I and God

June 10, 2014

It is a great headache when you have naughty students, while recently, when I am dealing with them,  I suddenly feel a strong contrast between my students and I and I and God.  This contrast makes me realize how GREAT God is! ” How many times you have not done your homework? do you still expect that  I will forgive you???”  Miss zhu said to her students. ” No matter…



April 28, 2014

家校联系对于一个有60个人的班级来说,始终是一个难题,我很希望可以完成每一个孩子的家访或者至少和每一位家长通上电话,但是这两者都是很难的,情况一直在变,有的孩子你需要多联系家长,有的孩子并不需要那么多。 那么家长到底怎么想的,对于我在学校的工作他们是否了解?到底有什么简单有效的方法可以最快时间联系到他们?一开始我决定使用《给家长的一封信》。但是我觉得给家长一封信仅仅谈谈自己的教学理念,对他们来说可能太空泛了,所以我决定使用“综合成绩单”让他们来知道自己的孩子在学校里面的表现,并且知道自己的孩子到底哪一方面不足。 我们班级单元总评成绩由三部分组成,满分150分:平时作业+测验+附加分 平时作业情况:   预习/默写 作文/周记 练习册 订正 优/优- +3 +5 良+ +2 +4 认真订正+1 良 +1 +3 认真订正+1 良- 0 0 认真订正+1 警告 -1 -1 -1 认真完成+1 没有交没有完成 -2 -2 -2 -2 测验分为大测验和小测验,两次成绩将*0.3计入总分 测验认真订正的可以加3分,不认真订正-3分 附加分: 项目 加分 最高分 上课举手 每次加一分 10 演讲 每次5分 10 读书笔记 每篇10分 10 每日一诗 每首2分 10 附加题/格外任务 示不同情况加分 10   版规扣分项目 晨读、早读、上课迟到,每次扣一分。 上课说话,开小差,没有回答出应该回答的问题,每次一次扣一分。 上语文课桌上放着和语文课无关的内容,每次扣一分。 没有按时完成作业,每次扣一分。 不尊重他人的行为,示情节严重程度扣分。   word 文档的下载地址: 然后给家长的成绩但也是建立在这个基础上的,如需要,可以单击下载: