God is the our best comfort

the snowy day often makes me headache. I began to really think about joining religious order. I really do not want to worry any secular issues. Then I begin to do research. Nobody knows actually I am very attracted to the Benedictine nun. So I began to look up their web page.. http://benedictinesofmary.org/ You will like it. It is just so peaceful and so beautiful. I have watched a movie about Saint…

February 21, 2013

2.19.2013: job hunting (2)

It is hard not to be depressed for the job hunting process. somehow, it makes me want to join a religious order for the rest of my life and won’t worry about that again..Does It seem a good way to avoid the depressing? Oh, dear, God wont’ like it… Job hunting is a good way for God to make me practice my patience. I was spoiled too much when I…

February 20, 2013

Job hunting (1)

I often make fun with friends saying that job hunting is one of the most depressing thing in the world.  The reason that I can make fun of “depressing” is because I am too depressed to be depressed. Could you imagine that one has to do the job hunting again after work for three month and at the same time broke up with boyfriend for the reason that he loves…

February 15, 2013