When we know it is hard to succeed….

August 14, 2017

For those friends who know me that my research is on the cognitive development and nutrition intake of school age children. Science are cute ( btw. I just open a new page on all the “cute” science papers I found during my research or just daily life, you can click the link and check them out. ). One of the cute science topic is on the association of height and…


I wish there would be be a Baahubali 3….lol…

April 29, 2017

One more “hilarious ” thing can add to the records of ” mischievous  Yiqi ” . Yes,  Yiqi went to see Baahubali 2 Conclusion in Telugu ( do not worry, with English subtitles) on her own. In order to reduce the awkwardness of  watching a southern Indian movie  in a movie theater among a group of southern Indiana people, Yiqi mischievous bought an extra movie ticket for a friend who…


Lala Land: Always wish you the best

April 6, 2017

One of the things I have learned when I grew up is stop to ask why , especially for the questions about relationship.   I began to understand that no matter how good I am at analyzing behavior patterns of human, I will always fail to analyze my own relationship and my own love life.  When I am getting old,  young ladies often come to me for relationship counseling. Although I…


My choice to the PhD program in St.Louis

May 20, 2016

While, after a year studying in my PhD program in St.Louis, I felt that it was not a good choice at beginning to study PhD aboard a this age and at this city. Originally, I thought studying PhD aboard in a city I am familiar with was a great choice. I do not have to reestabilsh my friend circle, my friends are just there.  I do not have to get…


OSL, Sr. Fisher and linear models in general

April 8, 2016

OK, let’s talk about statistics. When you have one of the best statistics professor in the world, you will feel more and more pains when you do OSL ( ordinary least square) , because he always reminds you of the assumptions you need to have in order to use OLS in order to get the minimal least squares error between the observed the Y and predicted Y. We all know…