Of true Religious life

March 25, 2013

I would rather have a small measure of the grace of God as a Religious in Religion, than have many grace from God as a secular living in the world; for in the world are many more perils and hindrances, and far fewer remedies than in Religion. …………. I would choose rather to be in the secular state, continually and devoutly desiring to enter into holy Religion, than to be…



While… this is the normal thing my cat does every day on me. While at that time, I am always trying to remember the story of Brother Wolf in the Little Flower of St. Francis: being meek and gentle…Sr. Cat is the best gift for me to practice these two virtues

March 9, 2013

Remedy for the temptation

Brother Juniper answered” When I feel the approach of a diabolical suggestions, I run at once and shut the door of my heart, and to secure its safety, I occupy myself in holy desires and devout meditations; so that when the suggestions comes and knocks at the dorr of my heart, I may answer from within ‘begone; from the room is already taken, and there is no space for another guest.” (…

February 26, 2013