“I want a Biretta”

June 15, 2013

“ I want a Biretta with me when I lay in the tomb.” I never know how important it is for a priest to have a biretta, until one day I received a phone call from a friend to ask my help to find a biretta.   After the Second Vatican Counsel, birettas are not really easy to find, but one might still be able to find in some places. …


Funny stories about my spiritual status.

May 12, 2013

I have a friend who always like catching all the chances of making fun of me..So.. here are some funny the stories he told me about my spiritual status…. 1) Turkey in the spiritual direction.. Last year in Dec ish.. I went to spiritual direction. My spiritual director and I were discussing something really serious, but at that time I had difficulty concentrating… Suddenly, A giant turkey appear outside the windows…


Joke/Joy in the spiritual direction

May 8, 2013

hahaha, I really love my spiritual direction.  There is always a lot of funny stories happen in my spiritual direction with my spiritual director.. Here is one…. Me: Father. I feel that my life will be miserable if I chose to spend my whole life with a guy who does not really love God, does not love philosophy, does not read books or listens to the classical music. SD: oh…..


Days with Sisters, Day Three, Mary picks the best part

May 2, 2013

Day Three: Mary picks the best part Heading to Day three which is the April 27 the Saturday… Saturday,, hahaha, I finally got chance to go to their sowing room which is the core work sisters do there. Everything was the same as Friday, except.. I caught cold during the Matins and fell asleep during the Lectio….I am sorry God..lol… Sowing room is in the basement. Sisters sow the vestments for…