Dance in the snow!

MB almost cancelled the choir practice today because only I was there for that and I just cannot sing the melody along.. and we did not have piano keyboard and we only needed to sing two songs..haha. so he decided just not to have rehearsal.. My lovely friend Kelsey came in about ten minutes late.Both of us cannot bear 1:30 adoration due to our weak faith and “hyperactivity”.. hahaha, so…

March 1, 2013

Gregorian Chant: Nostalgia to the Kingdom of Heaven

Before I joined the choir at St. Francis de Sales, I often thought that the chant I heard during the mass was actually sung by angels from Heaven. The solemn notes from the organ are the triumph of the coming of Jesus.  God’s love fully embraces me when I am at the St. Francis de Sales. It took me about a year to actually have the courage to join the…

February 13, 2013