OSL, Sr. Fisher and linear models in general

April 8, 2016

OK, let’s talk about statistics. When you have one of the best statistics professor in the world, you will feel more and more pains when you do OSL ( ordinary least square) , because he always reminds you of the assumptions you need to have in order to use OLS in order to get the minimal least squares error between the observed the Y and predicted Y. We all know…


Admit the weakness

December 14, 2015

It is kind of tradition for online social life that one only intends to share the success, but not the failure, especially the weakest part of oneself. While, I think I just want to be here to tell you a me who you might never saw before. A totally defeated Yiqi for the first semester! First semester of PhD program was really rough for me. I had to tell u…


Running on Wydown

October 16, 2015

As a scholar doing research about povery while live in Clayton,  I am a hypocrat, only way to redeem my sin is to make my research not that hypocratical. Clayton is one of the richest community in St.Louis, I was not really interested in living here until I got a chance to move here. Clayton is really really beautiful: Tall trees, beautiful and clean road, “nice” people. Most importantly, Clayton…