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Constant Struggles, Endless fulfilling, Rest in the Restless ( At the End of the Second Year PhD Study)

It is hard to imagine that it is already second year. I will finish all the course work and move to the topic which I might devote my life for. I have been feeling sad, confused, uncertain about things I am experiencing, while at the same time, I am just being stronger and (maybe more introverted/indifferent) than I thought I could be. It is a good things in turns of…


Lala Land: Always wish you the best

One of the things I have learned when I grew up is stop to ask why , especially for the questions about relationship.   I began to understand that no matter how good I am at analyzing behavior patterns of human, I will always fail to analyze my own relationship and my own love life.  When I am getting old,  young ladies often come to me for relationship counseling. Although I…


Valuable Lesson From Fairy Tails

Watching Cinderella with my best friend Amy just reminds me again about how good she is. She is just one of the best women you can have as a friend, and If I was man, I would have, for sure, married her, since she is the best wife a man can imagine. Amy is not like Cinderella at all. Amy is a strong independent woman, full of wisdom to deal…