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Running on Wydown

As a scholar doing research about povery while live in Clayton,  I am a hypocrat, only way to redeem my sin is to make my research not that hypocratical. Clayton is one of the richest community in St.Louis, I was not really interested in living here until I got a chance to move here. Clayton is really really beautiful: Tall trees, beautiful and clean road, “nice” people. Most importantly, Clayton…


Reading Notes: The Chronicles of Narnia

Narnia is a great book. I cannot tell you how many questions I had about my faith has been solved in the process of reading this book. It was an amazing experience for me. Narnia is a kid book since its English is so easy. However, its theological meanings are so deeper that even an adults like me feel moved. I am planning to write down every great illuminations I…


The Hobbit : A movie for me

I watched the Hobbit on New Year’s day. It was a movie for me in many aspects. I still remember two years ago, exactly the same day, maybe even the same time. I went to watch Hobbit with Michael in st. Louis. I require the best movie theater with the biggest screen. I cried so hard when I heard the Gandalf said to the Bilbo that the forest is heard,…