Baahubali 2 movie

OK, Baahubali 2 could nowhere compared with Baahubali 1 and after I watched Baahubali 2, now I firmly believe that the Great Wall is a great movie. 
Baahubali 2 spent entire 1.5 hour talked about the story of Baahubali the senior and finally revealed the myth which entire India was asking “ Kattappa killed Baahubali…” The story actually made me cry, not because the movie was too moving, but the cultural value behind the story wanted to deliver was too painful for me ( maybe I over-analyzed).
I watched the Baahubali with a guy from southern India, and who left me because of potential arrange marriage. I did not believe that my story could be a story for the 21 century, but after I watched Baahubali, which intended to be a “western style” movie. Now, I do believe that. 
Baahubali the senior, loved a princess from a small country, which his mother disliked. When he had to make a choice between the girl and the mom, and the crown, he chose the girl. This seemed very western, but what delivered was really “backward”. In Chinese, it is called that “ 红颜祸水,” translated in English, it is about the girl was the problem of all family issues.  Then he lost his mom, his family, and even his life for the love he chose. It seems very brave, but not encouraging at all. What behind the story and value was that “a mother holds the absolute authority”, and it is a sin to challenge mother even when she is wrong”. ( SORRY, I just do not buy in those cultures, the one-way, absolute obedient). 
When I was still in love with that Indian guy, I used to tell him that if in the future, you have to make a choice between me or your mom, you should choose your mom. It is not a war worth fighting.  I feel glad that Chinese culture requires “filial piety”, but I was lucky enough not born in an authoritarian family. I can still fight the battle and I know I have a chance to win, and I will still be blessed with my friends who stand by me. The most terrible thing is not that you cannot win the battle for freedom, is that even after you win, people will not give you a blessing and your cultural is expecting your failure. 
Do not think that I am too critical on this arrange marriage issues. Baahubali intended to be a national movement, and even a world standard movie, as a social scientist, I just wish to see a more socially advanced value.  Movie and social media are the best tools for education. I had a high expectation after watch Baahubali 1, but after Baahubali 2, I felt kind of disappointed. 
Another proof for the backward value in Baahubali 2 was that they gave too few things to the Baahubali the junior and his free love. His girl was chosen by himself, not his mom, but guess what? The second movie only gave 5 min to that girl. So, you see, free love is still not encouraged in the movie. 
I dislike Kattappa’s story either. I just felt that it was “ internalized” and “ reinforced “ caste system. He often said that he was a slave, he did not worth to be equal to the prince. He was 100% obedient to his queen to kill his princess who gave him 100% respect… IT IS WEIRD!!!  At that time, I felt so sad, I really want to yelled that Kattappa, you are a free man. Make your choice!!!
I cried when I saw Baahubali senior died because I saw the death/killing of free love. I cried when I saw Kattappa killing the Baahubali senior because I saw the deeply ingrained caste system. I am sorry, as an international standard movie, you should have done a better job in the value you wish to deliver!
The entire movie imitated a lot of sense from the western movie such like Titanic and the Lord of Ring, which was really hilarious.  The movie also had a lot of action scenes, which were very crazy….

No matter how much I disliked the Baahubali 2, I think it did really well in 2 things. 
1) Religious education. I just cannot believe that how many gods they have mentioned in the movie, and no matter how strong a woman they want to portray. They still assign the task to women to show respect to their gods.  All the woman love Lord Shiva in the movie. They watered the statue of Lord Shiva, and put the burning coal on the head to walk around Lord Shiva’s temper. No matter how hard it is, they determined to walk 3 rounds. Which was really impressing.  The scene of princess worship Lord Kristina and his wife were also very impressing, very colorful and very joyful. The most determined things that all the three strong women have in common was.. yeah worship Lord Shiva
2) Music. This movie let me get interested in their composer Keeravani. If I do not know the word of the song, I think the music itself was really great. He seems have a very great education in different style of music. But after I know the word, hehehe, the 5 songs in the second movie, only one is the sing about the hero, then two were devoted to Lord Shiva, and one was devoted to Lord Kristina… I guess the composer must love Lord Shiva a lot, because I think his best music was the two songs he wrote in the 2 movie for Lord Shiva worship.. Super beautiful….lol… 

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