My slowly moving Novel: Sursum Corda


I do not know why I begin to have the desire for writing novel again. Maybe there are so many things in my life that I want to reflect on. therefore. I decide to begin writing this novel. The name of it is “Sursum Corda” which means that “Life up our hearts”. I will write in both in Chinese and in English. The short form will be SC.. hahaha.. We will see how far can it go this time..

OK. After a while, I found out that I did not know how to start story.. I did not where to start my story .. So I decide to use some other way to make this story going. I will just write down what I want to write. Feel free to discuss with me if you find something is “illogical” or some parts are not rights. Then I will edit it later. I might write a part of story first then jump back to write another.

I will try to organize the story on this page, but I might just keep changing the story.. er…OK…

Who is Who

Reading Sursum Corda:


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