SC: Who is who

Since this will be a long story with many figures, so I think I should list some possible figures and places I will mention in my novel. I will go back to add more figures or more places. If any important change happen, I will highlight in red. I hope the brief introduction here will help you to follow my novel. I made up all these names and figures so try you best not to match these names with the real persons in life…..hahahahaha…especially, if you are my good

Introduction to the the main figures of this novel: ( I may add some other figures later)

1. Xinqi Gu ( chinchen, ku):  She came to America for her social work program when she was 22. She is a Catholic.  She often finds that it is almost impossible to reconcile all her identities, Chinese, Catholic, Social Worker, Woman… this is a story about how this young lady begins to gradually understand herself in this long journey with all her friends.

2. Abner Faruq (first year), Deacon  Faruq (second year), Fr.  Faruq (third year):  He was a seminarian intern at Catholic Student Center at WUSTL where Xinqi and John knew him from the beginning. He was ordained to be a transitional deacon when Xinqi was second year at WUSTL and finally ordained as a priest and assigned to the Assumption Parish in a big county outside St.Louis

3. John O’Brien:  A PhD student who studies computer science at WUSTL and he converts to Catholicism in his junior year at WUSTL.  About 26ish ( I have not decided..hahaha..)

4.  Mary. S. Lee: Xinqi’s best friend.  The same age as Xinqi

5.  Mr. William Parsifal: Master of Sacred Music at St. Francis de Sales.  A lot people doubt that he has changed his last name due to his excessive love for Wagner.  around 28…hahahah

6. J.F. Cai: Xinqi’s philosophy professor.

7. Stephen Campbell: 2o years old year boy, discerning priesthood and a young server at SFdS.

8 . Angulus Family: An important family at SFdS..

Simon Angulus ( Father)

Tracy Angulus ( Mother)

Michelle Auglues ( First Daughter): 26

Raphael   Angulues ( Second Son):24

Veronica  Angulues (Third Daughter):23

Gabrielle Angulues ( Fourth Son): 19

Angel Augulues ( Fifty Daughter) :18

9.  Canon Schwartz: a very tall German priest

The story happens in St.Louis,  so if you come from st.Louis, you will know all these places.

Couple places might appear in the novel:

1.  Washington University in St.Louis and the Catholic Student Center there. Welcome to go online to find out details.

2. St. Francis de Sales: welcome go online to find out details..hahaha..

3. Assumption Parish: OK, this is a parish located at a large county in St.Louis. I made up it and I have not thought about details..

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